Four Varietales Visit

Walking among the olive trees, admiring the purebred horses or tasting extra virgin olive oil are just a few of the attractions that a visit to Hacienda Guzmán has to offer, that will make you fall in love with it.

Get to know first-hand the olive farm from which Hernando Colón, son of the discoverer, exported oil to the colonies of the New World.

This activity is a trip to the past as you enter the 17th century mill, offering a faithful recreation of the traditional process of obtaining olive oil, which contrasts with the current innovative facilities where our range of extra virgin olive oils is obtained.

From: 50.00

  • Guided tour of Hacienda Guzmán, visiting the following areas:
    • Olivoteca, an outstanding collection of olive trees, unique in the world, that has more than 150 varieties from 13 countries.
    • R&D centre and HG oil mill, where the Hacienda Guzmán extra virgin olive oil is produced.
    • Patio del Lagar and original mill from the 17th century, a perfectly restored space that houses an approximately 15-metre-long mahogany beam.
    • Patio del Señorío, stables yard, carriage museum and Andalusian garden.
  • Guided tasting of the four varieties of Hacienda Guzmán extra virgin olive oil.
  • Extra virgin olive oil bottle.

Minors must always be accompanied by an adult.

The tour is available in English and Spanish languages.

Maximum capacity 25 people.

Tickets must be booked at least 72 hours in advance.

In case of delay, 30 minutes after the agreed time, the Juan Ramón Guillén Foundation reserves the right to cancel the visit without refund. Cancellation must be communicated by email to with a minimum of 7 working days in advance. Cancellation by the client supposes a cost of 30% of the invoice up to 2 hours before the visit. After those two hours, it is not possible to obtain the refund.

Hours: Monday – Thursday 10:00 – 11:30 h., 12:00 – 13:30 h. and 16:00 – 17:30 h.  Friday 10:00 – 11:30 h., and 12:00 – 13:30 h.
Duration of the visit: 1:30 hours.

Can you visit the Hacienda on the weekend?
No reservations are available on weekends or holidays. Visits to Hacienda Guzmán are available on weekdays Monday through Friday.

What is the price of each type of visit?
4 varietales Visit: €50*
Desayuno Molinero Visit: €65*
Campo a Través Visit: €75*
Premium Visit: €85*
Picnis Visit: €120*
Unique Visit: €140*
*All prices include VAT.

Are there prices for groups?
Not available.

How far in advance can you book a visit?
Reservations must be made at least 72 hours in advance in the case of the HG Bronze Visit, and 1 week in advance for the HG Silver and HG Gold visits.

In which languages can the visit be booked?
Spanish and English.

Cancellation terms
In the event that visitors are late, once 30 minutes have elapsed from the agreed time, the Juan Ramón Guillén Foundation reserves the right to cancel the visit without the corresponding refund of the price paid.

How do you get to the Hacienda?
Carretera de Mairena del Alcor, S / N, 41309 La Rinconada, Seville (See map)
Once at the access door to the farm, call 607081145 or 955511777 to enter the property. Once inside, continue towards the visitors’ parking lot.

How long does it take to get there from the city of Seville?
Approximately 20 minutes.

Is access adapted for the disabled?
The hacienda is an original building from the 18th century and is not adapted for people with reduced mobility. However, we have alternative routes if needed.

Is there parking?

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